Plama Consortium Ltd. v. Bulgaria, ICSID Case No. ARB/03/24

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  • >Subject matter of the dispute: Claims arising out of the public authorities' and agencies' alleged damage to the operation of the investor's oil refinery, as well as their refusal or delay in adopting adequate corrective measures
  • >BIT invoked: Bulgria-Cyprus BIT
  • >Amount claimed: USD 146,120,152
  • >Amount awarded: ZERO
  • >Costs of arbitration: EUR 253,523
  • >Award legal costs: USD Respondent was awarded 7,460,000
  • >Award costs of arbitration: Costs follow the award



8 February 2005

Decision on Jurisdiction

6 September 2005

Order Provisionnal Measures

27 August 2008

Arbitral Award 



Decision on Jurisdiction