Annex ID: List of Contracting Parties Not Allowing an Investor to Resubmit the Same Dispute to International Arbitration at a Later Stage under Article 26

(in accordance with Article 26(3)(b)(i))


* Editor's note: Bosnia and Herzogovina, Mongolia and North Macedonia were listed to the Annex ID by CCDEC 1999 (1) GEN 

** Editor's note: Turkey was listed to the Annex ID by CCDEC 1999 (16) GEN 

Article 26(3)(b)(ii) of the Energy Charter Treaty binds all Contracting Parties listed in Annex ID to provide, for transparency reasons, a written statement of their policies, practices and conditions which do not allow an investor to resubmit the same dispute to international arbitration at a later stage in accordance with Article 26(3)(b)(i).

Such information can be provided to the Secretariat any time but no later than the date of the deposit of a Contracting Party’s instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession. The following survey provides information regarding the status in all eligible Contracting Parties/Signatories listed in Annex ID of the Treaty as amended by the Decisions of the Charter Conference.