Transit disputes

Article 7.7 of the ECT provides a specialised conciliation mechanism for transit disputes, allowing for a faster and less formal procedure. The conciliation rules were last amended in 2015 (CCDEC2015 11) and a commentary was endorsed by the Conference in 2016 (CCDEC2016 07).

In 2014 the Energy Charter Conference welcomed an Early Warning Mechanism (CCDEC2014 14) that parties can refer to, voluntarily, on a case by case basis, in order to prevent and overcome emergency situations in the energy sector related to the Transit and supply of electricity, natural gas, oil and oil products through cross-border grids and pipelines. The Early Warning Mechanism is available also to all signatories of the 2015 International Energy Charter.


Ms. Klara Rakhmetova (Kazakhstan)


Mr. Thomas Dimitroff  (US/UK)


Mr. Wolf von Kumberg  (Germany/Canada)


Mr. Karl Mackie (UK)


Mr. Dirk Buschle (Germany)


Ms. Anne-Karin Grill (Austria)  


Ms. Lucy Reed (US)


Mr. Howard Chase (UK)


Mr. Glenn Sigurdson (Canada)


Mr. Herman Verbist (Belgium)


Mrs. Mariam Gotsiridze (Georgia)


Mr. Vazha Khidasheli (Georgia)


Mrs. Mariam Kukava (Georgia)