Good offices / Mediation / Conciliation

The Secretariat, as a trusted and neutral third party, can provide its good offices to facilitate parties in a conflict to establish contact and to explore ways to reach an amicable settlement. The Secretariat can also offer administrative support for potential negotiations or mediation/conciliation.

The services of the Centre can be provided at any point in time and in relation to both disputes between Contracting Parties, as well as between investors and Contracting Parties (the Conference approved in 2016 a Guide on Investment Mediation).

How to submit a request

Any interested party is invited to submit a request in writing to the Registrar of the Centre, Mr. Yuriy Pochtovyk, at The request shall contain:

  • - A description of the conflict or dispute
  • - The name and contact details of the parties involved
  • - The type of support requested
  • - Any documents considered relevant

The Registrar of the Centre will register the request and contact the other party or parties involved (unless the request was submitted jointly by all the parties). Upon confirmation of the initial interest of all the parties involved, the Centre will arrange a meeting or a videoconference with all of them to discuss the proposed process (negotiation, mediation or conciliation) as well as the relevant issues related to it (place, language, timeframe, confidentiality, use of electronic communications, role of the Secretariat, etc).