Legal Training 2018

Investment Arbitration Masterclass 3rd edition

The 3rd edition of the Investment Arbitration Masterclass co-organised by the Legal Affairs unit of the Energy Charter Secretariat concluded after four intense days (5-8 November). The interactive exercises were focused on providing 15 government officials (from 12 countries and the Commission), legal practitioners and representatives from energy companies with hands of training about the practicalities and intricacies of investment arbitration process, as well as practical information about how to quantify and assess damages.

The training modules were delivered by a fully fledged faculty from the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC), the Permanent Court of Arbitration(PCA), the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and Ankura. Their expertise was further complemented by practitioners viewpoints from leading international law and consulting firms, including Dechert, Lalive, Lindahl, Liedekerke Baker Boots, Freshfields, McDermott, Will & Emery and Morssing & Nycander. Many thanks to Natalia Petrik, Sabine Konrad, Chister Soderlund, Erica Stein, Ginta Ahrel, Noah Rubins, Dirk Pulkowski, Lisa Bingham, Nicolas Angelet, Francisco Abriani, Eloïse Obadia, Alejandro Escobar, Travis Taylor and Joachim Knoll. The event was followed by a roundtable co-organized by the Investment Treaty Forum of the BIICL, thanks to Yarik Kryvoi, Mariam (Maka) Gotsiridze and Dr. Lucja Nowak.

Participants were engaged in hands-on, mock exercises structured along the lines of these topics, namely, the basic stages of the investment arbitration process as governed by the applicable rules of the respective arbitration institutions and the intricacies of damage assessment.