Albaniabeg Ambient Sh.p.k, M. Angelo Novelii and Construzioni S.r.l. v. Albania, ICSID Case No. ARB/14/26

  • >Claimant : Albaniabeg Ambient Sh.p.k; M. Angelo Novelii; Construzioni S.r.l.
  • >Nationality : Albania, Italy, Italy
  • >Respondent : Albania
  • >Procedural rules applied : ICSID
  • >Chair : Richard Aikens (David Caron replaced)
  • >Arbitrator appointed by Claimant : John Townsend
  • >Arbitrator appointed by Respondent : Leonard Hoffmann
  • >Invoked instruments : ECT
  • >Case status : Award rendered
  • >Follow-on proceedings : Pending ICSID annulment proceedings
  • >Year of registration : 2014

  • >Subject matter of the dispute: Claims arising out of alleged failure of Albania to execute and perform a concession agreement entered for the construction of an integrated center for the treatment of waste and production of electrical energy
  • >Amount claimed: approx. USD 400 million
  • >Amount awarded: N/A
  • >Costs of arbitration: N/A
  • >Award legal costs: N/A
  • >Award costs of arbitration: N/A