Energy Charter Treaty

27 European Energy Charter EUROPEAN ENERGY CHARTER The representatives of the signatories meeting in The Hague on 16 and 17 December 1991, Having regard to the Charter of Paris for a New Europe, signed in Paris on 21 November 1990 at the summit meeting of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE); Having regard to the document adopted in Bonn on 11 April 1990 by the CSCE Conference on Economic Co-operation in Europe; Having regard to the declaration of the London Economic Summit adopted on 17 July 1991; Having regard to the report on the conclusions and recommendations of the CSCE meeting in Sofia on 3 November 1989, on the protection of the environment, as well as its follow-up; Having regard to the Agreement establishing the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed in Paris on 29 May 1990; Anxious to give formal expression to this new desire for a European-wide and global cooperation based on mutual respect and confidence; Resolved to promote a new model for energy cooperation in the long term in Europe and globally within the framework of a market economy and based on mutual assistance and the principle of non-discrimination; Aware that account must be taken of the problems of reconstruction and restructuring in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and in the USSR and that it is desirable for the signatories to participate in joint efforts aimed at facilitating and promoting market-oriented reforms and modernisation of energy sectors in these countries; Certain that taking advantage of the complementary features of energy sectors within Europe will benefit the world economy; persuaded that broader energy cooperation among signatories is essential for economic progress and more generally for social development and a better quality of life; Convinced of the signatories’ common interest in problems of energy supply, safety of industrial plants, particularly nuclear facilities, and environmental protection;