Energy Charter Treaty

28 Willing to do more to attain the objectives of security of supply and efficient management and use of resources, and to utilise fully the potential for environmental improvement, in moving towards sustainable development; Convinced of the essential importance of efficient energy systems in the production, conversion, transport, distribution and use of energy for security of supply and for the protection of the environment; Recognising State sovereignty and sovereign rights over energy resources; Assured of support from the European Community, particularly through completion of its internal energy market; Aware of the obligations under major relevant multilateral agreements, of the wide range of international energy cooperation, and of the extensive activities by existing international organisations in the energy field and willing to take full advantage of the expertise of these organisations in furthering the objectives of the Charter; Recognising the role of entrepreneurs, operating within a transparent and equitable legal framework, in promoting cooperation under the Charter; Determined to establish closer, mutually beneficial commercial relations and promote energy investments; Convinced of the importance of promoting free movement of energy products and of developing an efficient international energy infrastructure in order to facilitate the development of market-based trade in energy; Aware of the need to promote technological cooperation among signatories; Affirming that the energy policies of signatories are linked by interests common to all their countries and that they should be implemented in accordance with the principles set out below: Affirming, finally, their desire to take the consequent action and apply the principles set out below: HAVE ADOPTED THE FOLLOWING DECLARATION CONSTITUTING THE “EUROPEAN ENERGY CHARTER”