Komstroy (formerly Energoalians SARL) v. Moldova, UNCITRAL

  • >Subject matter of the dispute: Non-payment of accumulated debt by the State-owned entity Moldtranselectro and by another former partner of Energoalians, for energy supplied
  • >BIT invoked: Ukraine - Moldova BIT
  • >Amount claimed: 243,577,971.11 MDL (= 20,287,682.29 USD ) + interest (either 704,664,857.97 MDL (calculated in accordance to Civil Code of Moldova) or 600,103,060.42 MDL (calculated in accordance to the UNIDROIT Principles)
  • >Amount awarded: 195,547,212 MDL + 397,333,183 MDL of interest
  • >Costs of arbitration: 340,219 USD
  • >Award legal costs: Respondent to pay in Claimant’s favor 200,000 USD for legal fees
  • >Award costs of arbitration: To be paid by Respondent 


23 October 2013

Arbitral Award (Russian) (published by IA Reporter)

23 October 2013

Arbitral Award (English - unofficial translation)

25 October 2013 - Dissenting opinion of Dominic Pellew (in Russian +Oops, an error occurred! Code: 20200605160320fe7cadfaunofficial English translation) (published by IA Reporter)