Energy Charter Treaty

157 PEEREA Recognising that commercial forms of cooperationmay need to be complemented by intergovernmental cooperation, particularly in the area of energy policy formulation and analysis as well as in other areas which are essential to the enhancement of energy efficiency but not suitable for private funding; and Desiring to undertake cooperative and coordinated action in the field of energy efficiency and related environmental protection and to adopt a Protocol providing a framework for using energy as economically and efficiently as possible: HAVE AGREED AS FOLLOWS: Part I: Introduction Article 1: Scope and Objectives of the Protocol (1) This Protocol defines policy principles for the promotion of energy efficiency as a considerable source of energy and for consequently reducing adverse Environmental Impacts of energy systems. It furthermore provides guidance on the development of energy efficiency programmes, indicates areas of cooperation and provides a framework for the development of cooperative and coordinated action. Such action may include the prospecting for, exploration, production, conversion, storage, transport, distribution, and consumption of energy, and may relate to any economic sector. (2) The objectives of this Protocol are: (a) the promotion of energy efficiency policies consistent with sustainable development; (b) the creation of framework conditions which induce producers and consumers to use energy as economically, efficiently and environmentally soundly as possible, particularly through the organisation of efficient energy markets and a fuller reflection of environmental costs and benefits; and (c) the fostering of cooperation in the field of energy efficiency. Article 2: Definitions As used in this Protocol: