LSG Building Solutions GmbH and others v. Romania, ICSID Case No. ARB/18/19

  • >Claimant : LSG Building Solutions GmbH; Pressburg UK GmbH; Green Source Consulting GmbH; Solluce Romania 1 B.V.; Risen Energy Solar Project GmbH; Core Value Investments GmbH & Co KG Gamma; Core Value Capital GmbH; SC LJG Green Source Energy Beta SRL; Anina Pro Invest Ltd.; Giust Ltd.
  • >Nationality : Austria; Germany; Austria; Netherlands; Germany; Germany; Austria; Romania; Cyprus; Cyprus
  • >Respondent : Romania
  • >Procedural rules applied : ICSID
  • >Chair : Juan Fernandez Armesto
  • >Arbitrator appointed by Claimant : Thomas Johnson
  • >Arbitrator appointed by Respondent : Pierre-Marie Dupuy
  • >Invoked instruments : ECT
  • >Case status : Pending
  • >Year of registration : 2018

  • > Subject matter of the dispute: Legal reforms affecting the renewable energy sector
  • Amount claimed: estim. USD 250 million
  • Amount awarded: N/A 
  • >Costs of arbitration: N/A
  • >Award legal costs: N/A
  • >Award costs of arbitration: N/A